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July 10, 2023

Many Organisations utilising large complex facilities often have the same issues when attempting to locate and navigate to assets / equipment.

Current Situation:

Difficulty finding assets especially on complex sites

Dependency on Contractors - Tacit knowledge walks out the door

Multiple owners in the life cycle - Facilities have changed hands often

Brownfield sites have been modified and added to over the years

High staff turnover - Tacit knowledge walks out the door

The PlantQuest Advantage:

✅Seamless Navigation
Locate and navigate to any asset or group or assets in your facility - regardless of how complex it is

✅Lock in Site Knowledge
Tacit site knowledge is crucial to the smooth and efficient running of a plant

✅Improve Plant Safety
A safety incident can impact a facility in terms of people, production, and reputation

✅Brownfield Deployment
Use PlantQuest Site Capture tool to enable deployment in the most challenging of brownfield facilities

✅No Signal Necessary
PlantQuest’s innovative navigation system requires no networks, GPS or industrial telemetry

✅Contractors can work independently
Maximise Resources

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