Industry 4.0 Mapping

An Industry 4.0 Mapping SDK designed for your needs, allowing for seamless integration. Your industry focused partner.

PlantQuest is security-tested and approved for global deployments with the world’s largest Life Science organizations, ensuring that our platform meets the highest standards of data protection and integrity.

Full Digital Transformation of your site

Industry 4.0 Mapping

An Industry 4.0 Mapping SDK designed for your needs, allowing for seamless integration. Your Life Science Focused Partner.

The PlantQuest industry 4.0 SDK is seamless to integrate into a range of technology stacks, allowing developers to create cleaner and faster code, and organisations to transform their operations

A Domain Focused Partner

The PlantQuest industry 4.0 Mapping SDK is designed by a team with decades of experience in industrial automation and life science operations.

Custom built for you and your unique industry 4.0 use cases
Designed to dynamically visualise your site systems (CMMS, BMS, PTW, Asset Tracking etc.)
Developed in collaboration with leading life science customers adhering to the documentation, quality, and security standards required

Developer Friendly

Access to a Developer Management Portal for:

- API key generation and management
- Developer account and license management
- Asset data access & management
- System Configuration

Access to a Prototype App for rapid testing and validation
React component provided for maximum flexibility in adding custom user interactions
An intuitive SDK that enables developers to work faster and produce cleaner code.

Benchmarked & Trusted

The PlantQuest Industry 4.0 Mapping SDK is the mapping SDK of choice for some the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies.

Fully penetration tested & secured for global deployments with leading pharma
Detailed developer-friendly documentation & developer support
A cost-effective & scalable solution for a wide range of industry use-cases

Exceptional User Experience

The PlantQuest SDK delivers a premium user experience

An interactive map that allows real-time asset rendering
A Coordinate translation module to simplify the process of moving coordinate data between systems
Maps capable of rendering 5000+ assets simultaneously
All the advanced features available in the PlantQuest product accessible through an SDK

Elevate your solution & technology with an industry-leading and focused mapping SDK that brings visual context to your operations.