Improve outcomes right across your facility, no matter the work stream

Trusted by some of the worlds leading life science facilities on a global level, PlantQuest enables workers and contractors alike to make more informed decisions reducing costs and increasing the facilities productivity & safety.

It’s like Google Maps for your facility

Leveraging your sites existing data sources, PlantQuest gives context and clarity to many of your facilities biggest challenges. Our intuitive and accessible interface, gives users the digital experience they have outside work, inside work.

Leverage Existing Systems

Amplify the power of your existing CMMS, BMS, ERP, BIM, or CAFM systems by allowing PlantQuest to bring visual context to your data.

- View your system information on maps
- Layer system information enabling complex decision making
- Bring location intelligence to your existing data and systems
- Create true alignment between your systems

Amplify the power of your existing systems

Leverage Existing Systems

Amplify the power of your existing CMMS, BMS, BIM, Energy and Telecoms systems allowing PlantQuest to bring visual context to your data unlocking value.

Combining a range of bespoke product features, PlantQuest gives workers the tools to navigate plants and get their job done with maximum efficiency.

No time is wasted in locating equipment and responding to alarms. Use the PlantQuest platform to cut costs by increasing workforce efficiency and reducing project timelines, while also ensuring maintenance activities are optimised and under control.

protects your facility from loosing valuable information in times of change.

Lock in Site Knowledge

Build up a repository of site information to be shared amongst all site workers.

- Build resilience within your teams allowing you to deal with sudden change
- Allow workers to seamlessly access and share asset knowledge (locations, information, notes, videos, photos)
- Expose all asset information to every worker
- Optimise procurement decisions regarding purchasing and contractor choices

Plant Safety

Reduce your alarm response times to by up to 75% for first responders and technicians.

- Remove the need to search through drawings
- Instantly locate any alarm by tag
- Responders navigate in the quickest and safest route possible
- Give responders the correct information at the right time
- Provide desktop and tablet alarm notifications with precise alarm locations

Reduce your response times to alarms by up to 75%
Remove the time wasted in locating assets and data

A More Productive Facility

Save teams 1,000s of hours locating assets & executing work

- Optimise resources & save countless hours per week, increasing your teams output
- Reduce your maintenance backlog
.- Automate the planning and scheduling of work ensuring the use of equipment and its operators is maximised
- Complete routine tasks in a fraction of the time

Greenfield & Brownfield

PlantQuest allows workers to view BIM data in its lightweight portal exposing it to all workers on all devices.

- Swap between the PlantQuest 2D map and a 3D environment providing the context workers need
- Create true alignment between your BIM data and your existing systems, allowing you to gain insights and context otherwise not be possible
- Allow works to contribute to your BIM from the field
- A quick loading optimised 3D model for all workers.

PlantQuest enables all facilities to digitally transform their site operations

Drive ROI with the PlantQuest
Value Model

Drive ROI with the PlantQuestValue Model.  Staff Efficinecy.  React Fast.  Reduce Cost. Empoower Data.  Save Time.  Improve Safety.  Asset Location.  Equipment Navigation software.  Site Familiarisation Tool.
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Because in today's age, nobody should be wasting time locating assets and alarms