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July 10, 2023

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the latest edition of our e-news.  In this issue, we have highlighted some of the best events for you to attend if you are in Asset Management, EHS, ERT and Digital Transformation departments.  At PlantQuest we are passionate about keeping abreast with the latest in Digital Transformation and all things tech related to our solutions, so you will be able to view links to our top article and podcast recommendations.  We hope you enjoy!

We feel we have created something very unique at PlantQuest.  Our Asset & Equipment Location & ERT solution (Google Maps for large facilities) is like nothing else and will help you and your team to find assets faster, enabling your maintenance contractors and workers, reducing costs and creating efficient teams.

Top 5 Reasons to use PlantQuest:

⏩ Easy to use, intuitive and familiar

⏩ Rules-Based Navigation

⏩ Multiple, Mobile & Fixed Asset Capability

⏩ Route Options - Visualise your information

⏩ Integrate with your systems and no additional hardware installation required

We welcome your feedback to make our quarterly newsletter as interesting as possible for you, our valued readers.  

Cheers for now

Ger, Tom, Nat and team PlantQuest

Upcoming  Events

 Virtual Events:


CI in Pharma and Life Sciences

27 - 28 April 2021

Manufacturing Assets and Facility Management in Pharma 

11 - 13 May  2021 

IAM  Annual Conference 2021

14 - 16 June  2021 

Future  in Pharmaceuticals

30 June 202


Live Events:


FIREX  International

12 - 14 July 2021 -  London, UK

Pharma Tech Ops

27 - 28 September  2021, Berlin, Germany

Hazardex 2021

6 - 7 October 2021,  Harrogate, UK

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