No deviation and PlantQuest partner to track critical equipment in large-scale pharma manufacturing and industrial facilities

July 10, 2023

We are very pleased and proud to announce our partnership with No Deviation.

No Deviation are a patient-centric solution provider for the Pharmaceutical Industry. This partnership will enable pharmaceutical companies with large process facilities to navigate and find fixed assets faster, through a bespoke digital map, which will reduce risk and save time, increase safety, and maximise productivity.

PlantQuest simplifies complex facilities and delivers cutting edge asset management and EHS software. They use engineering data or custom-built data to configure a customised digital map – one that is quite similar to the Google Maps technology, to help workers navigate facilities and find fixed assets within them quickly and easily. These signal-free location and navigation solutions are especially useful in pharma, assisting employees to walk lines, locate valves, and reduce the time needed to complete critical tasks.

“Once you go inside a big steel building like a pharmaceutical plant, you lose GPS coverage, so we’ve developed an alternative that requires no signals to make it work,” says Gerard Carton, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of PlantQuest. He describes PlantQuest as “Google Maps for big factories”.

A large pharmaceuticals factory typically has around 30,000 – 40,000 fixed assets, including motors, transmitters, etc., the location of each requiring to be readily known for identification, maintenance, repair, or replacement. While many factories still use engineering drawings and documents, PlantQuest replaces these with digital systems that do away with the need to interpret these complex engineering drawings such as P&ID, layout, and isometrics.

The software provides a​ user-friendly interface that guides workers to their work location with complete accuracy. Its utilisation covers all phases of a project, from construction to commissioning, and operations, providing safe and efficient project delivery and increased production.

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