New technologies yield up to 30% in maintenance cost reductions - Digitise your Site Operations

July 10, 2023

"Companies that have digitised and automated their maintenance processes now show a significant increase in labor productivity and a 20 to 30 percent reduction in maintenance costs."

✅New technologies yield up to 30% in maintenance cost reductions.

✅Maintain efficiently

✅Information on the assets’ locations

These observations and stats are taken from a leading article published by McKinsey & Company. You can check the full piece here

Digitally transform workflows and Improve Outcomes using PlantQuest:

Save time and resources by getting your people to where they are required efficiently and safely! Improving all maintenance routines - including ⏩ Preventative & Corrective Maintenance ⏩ Hazardous Area Inspections ⏩ Vendor Site Visits etc

Message us if you would like a copy of our Asset Management (Digitisation of Asset Location) Info Sheet

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