Intelligent Asset Mapping White paper

September 21, 2023

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Our recent white paper details the challenges and solutions for improving operational efficiency and safety in process-intensive industries like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and petrochemicals. The issues include high staff turnover, time and resource wastage, and knowledge silos, all of which cost companies hundreds of thousands of euros annually.

Offering an intelligent asset mapping platform designed to address these challenges, PlantQuest integrates seamlessly with existing systems, enabling data-driven decision-making, efficient navigation, and time-saving in both task planning and execution. The platform is scalable and integrates with a range of existing systems, without disrupting current operations.

Real-world case studies show that PlantQuest has helped companies reduce journey times by 50%, alarm response by up to 75%, and task execution time by 50% to 70%. Financial analyses reveal strong ROI, with companies recouping their investment in under two years.

PlantQuest is built on a secure, cloud-based system, the platform is optimized for both greenfield and brownfield deployments, making it a flexible solution for organizations at different stages of digital transformation.

🔗 Read the Full White Paper

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