Feature Update - September 2023

September 29, 2023

Photos & Videos

Capture, Share, and Manage Asset Photos: Utilize the PlantQuest survey tool to easily capture and share photos of assets and manage them effectively.

Asset and Room View: Identify the exact location and metadata of an asset and see what it looks like, ensuring thorough preparation before fieldwork.

Boost Efficiency and Reduce Uncertainties: Minimize uncertainties and enhance efficiency by visually understanding the assets and rooms beforehand.


Advanced Layering

Enhanced Interactive Facility Map: Explore your facility map more interactively with our dynamic layer integration.

Superimpose Data on Maps: Overlay diverse data and information on your maps for a more detailed and comprehensive view.

Enhance Decision Making: Utilize the layered information for improved and informed decision-making, ensuring safer and more efficient operations.

Versatile Use Cases: Ideal for planning, onboarding, and real-time decision-making, catering to a wide range of operational needs.

Diverse Data Integration: Integrate various data types including room types, live IIoT feedback, permits, and points of interest for a holistic view of your facilities.


"At PlantQuest, our mission has always been to equip managers and workers with the best tools to make their tasks effortless. We believe that when information is both detailed and visual, decision-making becomes more precise and operations safer"

Ger Carton, PlantQuest CEO

For more information about these features or to schedule a demo, contact us at info@plantquest.com

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